90 Beautiful Cuba Pictures

There are few places on earth as beautiful as the island nation of Cuba. This paradise is located in the Caribbean – renowned for its warm climate and crystal clear waters. Cuba is made up of the main island of Cuba and several archipelagos.

North of Cuba is the United States of America; west is Mexico; the Cayman Islands and Jamaica are to the south and Haiti and the Dominican Republic are to the southeast. Now home to 11 million people, it is the most populous nation in the Caribbean.

All images created by Igor Soyka

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Havana photos:

These photographs are taken in the capital Havana. It is Cuba the largest city and a view of the life and beauty that makes up this unique country is evidenced in the images.

Photo #1 – Young Havaneros on the Malecon

Cuba, Havana Malecon cuban boy and girl sitting near ocean

Portrait of young romantic couple relaxing on the Havana malecon

Description: Among the most famous images of Cuba include the Malecon, with a view of the old El Morro fortification in the background. The Malecon is a wide roadway, seawall and esplanade that run along the coast of Havana. Here is a romantic couple captured at precious moment in time; enjoying the warm air and beautiful views. Relaxing on the Malecon is very popular, especially in the evenings.

Photo #2 – Havana, view from Lighthouse at Castillo del Morro

Cuba, Havana, View from El Morro Fort, the little boat swimming across the Havana channel

Cuba, Habana, view from El Morro Fortification

Cuban picture description: Taken from the lighthouse on the Castillo Del Morro fortification, this view is back toward the Malecon. The renowned crystal clear water can be seen in this picture, with a boat traveling across the smooth surface of the harbor. The unique skyline of Havana is sharply contrasted with the intense blue of the sky and water. The city literally glows in white – a feature of the architecture in Cuba dating from Spanish influence.

Photo #3 – Havana Old Town, Lantern in front of a dramatic stormy sky

Cuba, Havana, Old Town, Magic Lantern in front of a dramatic stormy sky

Old Havana Images: Awe-inspiring sunset with stormy clouded sky and Lantern

Description: This image shows a stormy sunset that brings into sharp relief one of the lanterns in Havana Old Town. The view shows the old El Morro fortification to the right. No stranger to storms and hurricanes that affect the Caribbean, Cuba is both beautiful yet wild. Calm days can turn to stormy evenings as this image clearly shows. The lantern merges into the sunset, creating a surreal effect.

Photo #4 – Old man watching people and cars passing by near Malecon

Cuba, Havana, Evening, The thinking man watching people and cars passing by in front of Malecon and ocean

The Malecon is a broad roadway, esplanade & seawall along the coast of Havana, where many cubanos and tourists enjoy calm relaxing evenings.

Description: A fantastic view of Havana Old Town, this photo gives us the Malecon being calmly observed by an old man on his balcony. Very popular with tourists, this seawall is a beautiful spot to enjoy warm balmy evenings. With a clear view of the harbor, the old fort and the relaxed atmosphere, it is a renowned place to wind down whilst visiting Cuba. This esplanade is a must see for all tourists visiting Havana.

Photo #5Old Havana, Man at Malecon reading a letter from his family

Cuba, Old Havana, Cuban student sitting on Havana's Malecon and reading letter

Cuba Havana Pics: cuban man sitting at Malecon’s wall and reading a letter from his family

Description: This image shows the famed Malecon again with Havana Old Town in the background. The man sitting alone on the wall reading a letter from his family is oblivious to all the beauty of Cuba that is around him. The harbor sprays up against the sea wall, the Malecon is deserted and the old facades of buildings are evident along the strip.

Photo #6 Two fishermen in the Bay of Havana silhouetting in front of a sunset

Cuba, Havana, Two fishermen silhouetting in front of an evening sky and lovely summer sunset

Havana Images: Cuban men fishing at the famous Malecon

Cuba pic description: This is a unique image taken at sunset across the harbor at Havana. The silhouettes of two fishermen are starkly outlined fishing at the famed Malecon. Buildings in the distance are also enhanced by the setting sun as it sinks to the horizon. This is a common sight in Cuba – the setting sun and evening sky indicating that the morrow will be another beautiful day.

Photo #7 – Beautiful Cuba Images: Cayo Largo Paradise Island Beach Photo with stormy sky and sea

Best Cuban Beaches: Cayo Largo Island stormy sea with crashing waves, dramatic thundery sky and rainbow

Cayo Largo Beach Image, Cuba, Beautiful Sunset with a rainbow, dramatic clouds and lonely chair

Description: As a tropical storm gathers in the sky above Cuba’s Cayo Largo Paradise Island Beach, a sun chair sits alone on the beach. The sky is building up into masses of dark cloud at sunset, interspersed with a rainbow and contrasting sharply with the beauty of the beach. This constitutes a typical ending to a day in the Caribbean.


Photo #8Beautiful Sunset in Cayo Largo Island

Cuba. Cayo Largo Beautiful Sunset with a stormy sky

Cool Sunset with an upcoming Caribbean storm. Cayo Largo Isle, Cuba

Description: This image shows another remarkable, yet daunting sunset on Cuba Cayo Largo Beach. The clouds are again gathering themselves into a Caribbean storm. The water is rolling in waves up to the deserted beach, while the horizon darkens as the sun sets on a cooler end to another day.

Photo #9 – Best Travel Destinations: Cayo Largo Island

Cayo Largo thunderstorm, sea storm with multiple lightning flashes

Best Pictures of Cuba Night Caribbean Storm with Lighting flashes

Description: Cuba’s Cayo Largo Beach allows for some excellent images of the extreme weather that is common in the Caribbean. A night time photo of lightning flashes piercing the sky over the water, while all around is total blackness. Furious storms abound in the region – bringing out the beauty of nature starkly as seen in this image.

Photo #10 – Cayo Largo Caribbean Island, dramatic stormy sea and sky

Stormy sunset over the sea and beach, Cayo Largo, Cuba.

Cayo Largo Island Picture: Caribbean Beach of a Cuban Island Cayo Largo with Dramatic Sky

Description: Cayo Largo Beach in Cuba again shows a dramatic vision of a stormy sea merging into the troubled sky. Two lone sun chairs sit abandoned in the foreground, above which brilliant colors flash in the sky. Dark silhouettes of a structure are in sharp relief to the right of the picture, adding to the sense of desertion.

Photo #11 – Best beaches of Cayo Largo Cuba: beautiful, stormy and dramatic sunset

Beautiful dramatic sunset, Greater Antilles, Cuba

Magnificent sunset with dramatic clouds and stormy sea

Cuban foto description:  This presents another sunset image of Cuba’s Cayo Largo Beach. The sky is dramatic with unique color, the water is becoming furiously grey/ green and the lone silhouette of a person on the beach is evident.  This stands out starkly as the surreal image looks as if it is from another planet.  Beautiful yet wild!

Photo #12 – Best Cuba Pictures: Caribbean Hurricane, Cayo Largo Island, Cuba

Cuba, Dark storm clouds gather over Cayo Largo Island. Stormy Skies Over Cayo Largo Island.

Cayo Largo Cuba upcoming Hurricane

Description: This image shows evidence of an impending hurricane at Cayo Largo Beach in Cuba. The water is a maelstrom, with white foam riding up the beach. This is not daunting the lone person in the water, or the person standing watching further down the beach. The darkening sky is a common sight before a Caribbean hurricane.

Photo #13 – Top Photos from Cuba: The Magic of a Cuban Nature, Natural Pool near Cayo Largo

Cuba, Cayo Largo Island, Natural Pool, People walking in a shallow water

View over beautiful turquoise Nature Pool along perfect palm tree beach near Cayo Largo

Cuba foto description: This image gives us crystal clear turquoise water at a beautiful beach near Cuban Cayo Largo Island. Palm trees are evident in the background, while swimmers are enjoying the evident warmth of the sun and the water. Truly an image that shows us the magic of the magnificent country of Cuba!

Photo #14 – Kuba: People enjoying natural swimming pool, Cayo Largo del Sur

Cuba, Cayo Largo Island, Natural Pool, Swimming and embracing couples

Cuba, Cayo Largo Island, Natural Pool, Swimming and embracing couples

Description: Here is yet another glorious image of a natural pool that showcases the beauty of the water and beaches at Cuba’s Cayo Largo. Swimmers in the water are enjoying the atmosphere and the romantic setting – evident in the embrace of the couple at the forefront of the photo! This is a place to truly be enjoyed.

Photo #15 Cuba, Havana city, two smiling pretty cuban women

Cuba, Havana, Two smiling pretty cuban women

Kuba, Cuba, Havana City Life, smiling cuban women

Cuba pic description: This image taken in Havana shows the warmth not only of the weather, but of the Cubans. Two women smile broadly from their doorway – a typical response from these friendly people. The facades of the buildings and the Spanish influence are evident in the background and are typical of Cuba. A seated woman and her child look warily at the camera, while in the background a shirtless man gives an indication of another warm day.

Photo #16 – Two men playing chess in Havana’s park

Cuba, Havana Park, Two old men playing chess, Havana Vieja

Two old Cuban men playing chess right at the street in Old Havana near an old colonial building so typical for this district of the city

Cuban foto: This relaxing photo shows us two men playing chess in Old Havana’s Park near an old colonial building. The Spanish colonial architecture is very evident in Cuba and especially in this part of the city. The Cubans in the picture are all coolly dressed – a usual sight for this part of the world that knows no winter!

Photo #17 – Cuba, La Habana, Man relaxing under the shade of trees

Cuba, La Habana, Man relaxing under the shade of trees in Havana Park

Man relaxing under the shade of trees in Havana Park, old town

Photo description: This image is again in Havana Park (Old Havana.) A man relaxes on a seat in the shade of trees in the park. In the background, Cubans go about their day in front of the white buildings and old fashioned car that are so much a part of the culture of Cuba. Even the pavements look white in the glare of the sun.

Photo #18 – Award winning Cuba photos: Old Havana, View in the Havana’s port

Cuba, Havana, Ship's View in the Havana port

Black square image: Ship Photo, La Havana port, Cuba Island

Description: This unique image has been taken from a ship in La Havana Port, Cuba Island. The starkness of this photo is fascinating. The effect is like looking down a tunnel at which there is a light at the end. All around is pitch black, with one white square of light giving a distant glimpse of ships in the harbor. Like a dream at the end of the trip!

Photo #19 Santiago de Cuba photo, Old American car and the Cuban hero star

Cuba Picture Santiago de Cuba, Old American car and the hero star

American Collector’s Car parking near historical building, Santiago de Cuba, Kuba

Kuba Foto: The intriguing image shows the typical architecture of Cuba- the white buildings and arches that hail back to Spanish influences. In the foreground is a collector’s item – an old American car from the 50’s in front of the historical Santiago de Cuba. On the wall is a recognizable icon: the Cuban Hero Star – a medal of honor in Cuba dating back to the revolution.

Photo #20 – Embracing and kissing Cuban couple, Havana’s Malecon

Malecon photo, Havana bay image boy kissing girl

Happy couple kissing in front of El Morro Fort, Military fortification in Habana

Wonderful Havana photo: The Malecon in Havana is a wide esplanade and thoroughfare looking out onto the harbor and the El Morro Fort. The sea wall is a common spot for everyone to relax, including this couple kissing passionately – oblivious to all that is around them! The harbor is a beautiful sight and sets off the architecture common to all of Cuba.

Photo #21 – Quinceanera in Costume: Beautiful Cuban girl in traditional Cuban dress at 15th Birthday party

West Indies, Cuba, La Habana, PLAZA DE LA CATEDRAL, Girl in Traditional Cuban Dress at 15th Birthday party (Quinze fiesta

The celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday, or quinceanera, is an important rite of passage in Hispanic culture, and usually involves elaborate dresses.

Description: The celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday is an important event in Cuba along with other Hispanic cultures. Known as ìquinceanera, it involves beautiful and elaborate dresses as shown in this picture. This is a tradition that goes back years. It is interesting to note the architecture of the town square – reminiscent of buildings and clock towers that are in Texas and Mexico!

Photo #22 – Colonial city of Trinidad, Old American car is parked outside houses

Classic Cuban car is parked outside houses in the historic town of Trinidad, Cuba

Old Cuban cars from the 1950s can be often found and seen in quiet street in Trinidad

Kuba Pic: As if captured in a time warp, this image gives us a glimpse again of the architecture in the stark white buildings and cobbled street. This photo was taken in the colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba; a typical 50’s style car is parked in the quiet street. Cars from this era are a common sight throughout Cuba to this very day.

Photo #23 – Beautiful Habana Vieja, Old American car is parked outside houses

Cuba, Habana Vieja, Old American car is parked outside houses in the historic part of Havana

Habana Vieja fotos: Antique old cuban car

Foto Kuba: Another image of an old American car parked in a street in Havana, Cuba. The stark green of the car in the bright sunlight heightens this image against the background of typical narrow, cobbled lane-ways built between old style Spanish colonial buildings. Although the fender is bent on the car, it has stood up remarkably well for so many years.

Photo #24 – Old Cuban Car Pictures: green old-fashioned car passing building on street of Havana

Retro green car passing building on street of Havana, Cuba, Havana photos

Havana, Old Town 1950s Style Car passing Run-Down house

Description: This interesting image shows a run-down house built in the usual fashion, while an old 50’s style green car rushes past in front of the building. Roof racks are built onto the car roof – giving an indication of just how old the vehicles are that travel around Cuba. Apart from the car, another bright spot is evident on the paint peeling door: a small Cuban flag which is common indication to Cuba’s fierce patriotism.

Photo #25 – Havana Street: scene from a daily Cuban life with American Car & Horse Carriage

Cuba Photo of Habana Vieja, Old Town City scene 1950s Style Car and Horse Carriage

Beautiful Havana Photograph: Havana Vieja street scene: Cubanos, Old American Retro car and Horse Carriage

Description for Cuban Image: This image portrays a typical day in Old Havana. Here we have an old American retro car traveling down the street with a horse pulling a carriage alongside of it; both bathed in bright warm sunlight. Old blends with new in Cuba – the buildings are again reminiscent of the Spanish colonial influence.

Photo #26 – Havana, pre-revolution American Car is parked near Run-Down buildings

Cuba Island, Capital city Havana, Old-fashioned, pre-revolution, retro Corroding car is parked in front of Run-Down buildings

Modern Havana Pictures: Old-fashioned American car is parked in front of the worse for wear buildings

Description: This presents us with a fascinating image of worn out buildings in Cuba that need of a coat of paint or possibly tearing down; outside of which a very old red pre revolution car is parked. No doubt the car still works and the buildings are still used. The car is old; yet the buildings are even older.

Photo #27 – Havana, early morning photo with a view of National Hotel far behind

Old Havana images: The blue colors of Early havana morning

Central America, Greater Antilles, Cuba, Habana Vieja, Early morning picture with a famous 5 stars Nacional Hotel

Description: This glorious image was taken early morning looking back along the Malecon seawall toward the famous 5 star Nacional Hotel. The lanterns along the Malecon are bright; the buildings blend into the left of the scene; the water and sky merge into a beautiful blue haze – promising yet another glorious day in Cuba.

Photo #28 – Havana, early morning man is sleeping on Malecon’s stone wall

Cuba, Havana, Man is sleeping on Malecon stone wall

Tired Cuban man is sleeping on Malecon’s stone wall, Havana city, Cuba

This view is toward the Old El Morro fortification taken in early morning light along the seawall of the Malecon. A man is evident sleeping on the stone seawall – possibly after a night on the town in Havana! In the foreground a broken bollard lies across the ground, still connected by chain to another silhouetted bollard next to it. Again is shown the wonderful blue misty air that is common at dawn in Cuba.

Photo #29 – Portrait of sleeping cuban man in front of Lighthouse at Castillo del Morro, Habana, Cuba

Cuba, Havana, Malecon, Early Morning, Man is sleeping in front of Military for Morro Castletification

Malecon Photo: Man is sleeping in front of El Morro Fort

Cuban Man Picture: Oblivious to all the beauty of the azure dawn around him, this man is sleeping peacefully on the stone seawall on the Malecon. Behind him is the famous El Morro fort and lighthouse, starkly set off against the sky and giving us a glimpse of a bygone era belonging to Cuba.

Photo #30 – The Malecon 6 a.m. – one man is fishing and one is reading newspaper, Havana

Cuba, Havana, The Malecon 6 a.m. One man is fishing and one is reading newspaper

Habana Cuba, Early morning 6 a.m. Malecon cuban man is reading newspaper

La Habana Foto: The Malecon at 6am and the only signs of life are a man reading the newspaper and another man is fishing from the stone seawall. The beautiful blue of the dawn is still evident, the air is warm and the relaxed approach to life in Cuba pervades. Major cities all over the world are bustling by 6am, but not in Havana!

Photo #31 – Antique American car is standing in front Dilapidated building of Old Havana

Cuba, Old Havana, Antique American car is standing in front Dilapidated building of Old Havana

Old American Red car is parked near crumbling Havana’s house

Cuban Old American car photo – An antique American car sits in front of run down old buildings in Old Havana. The red of the car is in stark contrast to the grey, worn fasted of the buildings behind it. A door is boarded up; lattice is across the window; pipework runs down the front of the building – all of which are a common sight in the country of Cuba.

Photo #32 – Rainbow and stormy skies over Caribbean Sea

Atlantic Islands Photos Cuba, La Cayo Largo, Rainbow above a Stormy Skies Over Caribbean Sea

Cuban Nature Photo: Beautiful Sunset with a Rainbow and a Stormy Sky, Cayo Largo Island, Cuba

Description: The sun is setting amidst stormy clouds, creating a rainbow at Cayo Largo Island, Cuba. An abandoned lone sun chair sits in the foreground as the sea softly glides up toward it. A typical sight in the Caribbean; after a long hot day, a storm is often a fitting end at sunset.

Photo #34 – Cuba Beautiful Sea Pictures: Cayo Largo paradise Island with white sand, turquoise water, white sail and sea chair

Cuba, Paradise Caribbean Island Cayo Largo, white sand, Turquoise water, Sail and sea chair

Caribbean Cuban Paradise Island white sand, blue water, and Sail and sea chair

Caribbean Paradise Island Photo: Here we have this glorious vista of crystal clear turquoise water and white sand – all set off perfectly with the evidence of a white boat sail in the background. The sun chair is in the foreground, awaiting a prospective user and palm trees are seen in the distance. Truly a paradise, Cayo Largo Island is a fantastic attraction of Cuba.

Photo #35 – Beautiful Cuban Nature Pictures: Vinales Horse feeding a Stallion

Cuba. Vinales, Mother Horse feeding a Stallion

Vinales Images: Mother Horse feeding a Stallion, Cuba

Vinales Photo: Vinales is another beautiful area of Cuba – a must see for anyone who loves nature and solitude. Here is an image of a mare feeding her stallion colt in the quiet Valley of Vinales. All around is lush green foliage, with a lone Mogote rising peacefully in the background. (Mogotes are steep-sided, isolated hills with rounded tops; surrounded by nearly flat alluvial plains – common to the Vinales.)

Photo #36 – Beautiful Vinales pictures tobacco field and Mogote near little cuban village

Cuba. Vinales, Tobacco field and Mogote near Little cuban village

Tobacco field picture in front of Mogote near little cuban village, Vinales, Cuba

Cuban Tobacco Field photo: This gentle view is across a lush green tobacco field. The image shows a track leading to a small village in the Vinales Valley nestled at the base of a Mogote. To the right is dense foliage, with a lone palm tree reaching up into the sky. A mist hangs over the valley – giving a surreal view of the beauty of Cuba.

Photo #37 – Beautiful Vinales Images: Valle de Vinales, old herdsman & young boy bathing two horses

Cuba, Valle de Vinales, old herdsman and young boy are giving a bath for two horses

Herdsman with his son giving a bath for two horses, Valle de Vinales images, Cuba

Vinales Family Photo: Here we have another view across the beautiful plains of Vinales, with Mogotes rising in the background; a herdsman and his son bathing two horses in a lake. Evident is the lush green fertility of this unique area of Cuba. The peace and quiet that can be enjoyed here is second to none!

Photo #37 – Amazing Valle de Vinales images: street scene with a man and a pig.

Cuba. Vinales. Street scene with a man and a pig

Vinales photos: Cuban man is directing a pig on street of Vinales, Cuba

Cuban Daily Life Image: This amazing image of a man guiding a pig by a rope down a street in Vinales does not raise any eyebrows! Other people merely continue about their day, chatting; walking down the street and wheeling an ancient bicycle. Cuba has many scenes such as this one – where it seems like a land that time forgot.

Photo #38 – Cuban man is standing near a local cafe Telescopio

Cuba Official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Colonial city of Trinidad, Man is standing near a local cafe Telescopio

Cubano is relaxing near a local cafe Telescopio in Colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad Photo: In the old colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba – sights such as this image are not uncommon. A Cuban man leans casually against a doorway, his shirt removed to combat the heat within an old colonial style entrance to a local cafe: Telescopio. The sign writing and paint on walls / doors are faded – in keeping with the impression one gets of the area!

Photo #39 – Beautiful Paradise Island Cayo Largo with a white sand and blue water

Travel Destination, Cuba, Paradise Island Cayo Largo, White sand, blue water and lonely white cloud

White sand, blue water and sometimes a lonely white clouds are thing that tourists enjoy the most visiting the Cuban Cayo Largo Paradise Island

Cayo Largo Picture: A single lonely fluffy white cloud glides across the brilliant blue sky at Cayo Largo Paradise Island. The crystal clear water of the Caribbean, the stark white sand and the weather are all enjoyed by tourists that flock to Cuba every year.

Photo #40 – Motor bike is standing near Havana cafe in front of Cathedral

North America, Caribe, Capital city, Havana Old Town Motor Bike is standing near Havana Cafe in front of Cathedral

Old Havana photo: street scene with an old Motor Bike, Popular Havana Cafe and Beautiful Cathedral

Old Havana Street Image: This unique shot shows a lone motorbike standing in a cobbled street outside a popular cafe in Havana, Cuba. In the background is an old cathedral, with beautiful Spanish architecture including a statue of a saint built into the fasted of the wall. The warm sunlight beams down in its usual fashion – showing all in fine detail.

Photo #41 – Busy street scene of Havana city, Cuba

Cuba, Havana, Busy day with a lot of traffic on Havana's streets

Amazing Havana Photos: busy street with cocotaxi, modern cuban cars and a tree growing at the roof of a Dilapidated cuban house

Center of Havana Photo: Here we have a view of a busy street in Havana, with a mix of modern Cuban cars and ancient American cars. Also in the photo is a yellow coco-taxi that are popular with tourists and very cheap to run. The old, dilapidated buildings in the background are typical of Cuba – this one even has a tree growing from the roof! The building in the foreground is a little better presented – over against the common run down apartments behind.

Photo #42 – Havana’s dramatic stormy sky above Capitolio Nacional

Cuba Island, National capital Havana, dramatic stormy sky above Capitolio Nacional

Capitolio Nacional in front of upcoming hurricane seen from the Deauville hotel, Old Havana, Cuba

Havana City Photo: This dramatic view across the buildings shows Old Havana, with the Capitolio Nacional evident as a hurricane approaches the city. Taken from the Deauville Hotel, views such as this are common in the hurricane prone country of Cuba. The mix of buildings is typical of the nature that prevails in this intriguing society.

Photo #43 – Old Havana Image: View from the three stars Deauville hotel

Cuba, Old Havana, View from a Deauville hotel which is located near the sea, a few blocks from La Habana Vieja

Stormy Cuban sky behind an historical part of Havana, known as La Habana Vieja

Old Habana Foto: This shot is taken from the 3 star Deauville Hotel and gives an excellent view of the historical part of Havana, Cuba- known as La Habana Vieja. The mix of buildings and the evident dilapidation is very interesting to note. The darkening sky indicates another impending hurricane.

Photo #44 – Old Havana, unforgettable view from 3 star Deauville hotel

Cuba, Old Havana, View from 3 star Deauville hotel

View from Deauville hotel at Old Houses of Havana, Malecon and Lighthouse at Castillo del Morro

Cuba Photograph Description: This is another beautiful view from the Deauville Hotel showing the famous old houses of Havana, the Malecon and the lighthouse at Castillo Del Morro. This city of Cuba is steeped in history and well worth a stroll along the renowned Malecon strip. With the breathtaking view to the harbor, this is not to be missed!

Photo #45 – Cuban Nature, One of the Beautiful Cuban Sunset during a rainy season

Dramatic Cuba sunsets during a rainy season, Cuba

Beautiful Cuba photos: Dramatic blue and orange clouds seen during one of the rainy season’s sunset

Cuban Nature Picture: Here we have a beautiful sunset, tingeing the clouds in a blue and orange hue. These sunsets are typical in Cuba during the rainy season. Clouds pile dramatically upon each other – giving a surreal effect to the sky. Tourists and locals alike enjoy these fascinating sunsets.

Photos #46-49 – Beautiful Ocean Waves, Holguin Region, Eastern Cuba

Beautiful Waves of the Atlantic Ocean near Holguin

Beautiful Waves of the Atlantic Ocean near Holguin

Cuba, Holguin Atlantic Ocean, Waves shot with a slow shutter speed

Beautiful Cuban Nature

Cuba, Holguin Atlantic Ocean, Amazing texture and pattern created by the Ocean Waves

Beautiful Ocean Pictures

Cuba, Holguin Atlantic Ocean Waves, Cool texture

Beautiful Cuban Pictures Atlantic Ocean, Holguin, Eastern Part of Cubs

Cuban Ocean Photo: These images give a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean waves in the Holguin Region, Eastern Cuba. The variations in the color of the water at various times of the day highlight the beauty and clarity of these pristine waters. This is an extremely lovely region – virtually unspoiled by man and is nature at its best.

Photo #50 – Cuba Island, Paradise Travel Destination

Best Travel Destinations, Cuba, White sale, blue ocean water, good weather

Cuba is a great travel destination for vacations and holiday journies

This shows a typical breathtaking scene encompassing the beauty of Cuba. A lone sail is evident in the brilliant blue water; the sky above is also a beautiful azure blue and the green palm fronds in the foreground give an absolute sense of serenity. Wispy white clouds hover in the sky – only serving to enhance this incredible image.

Photo #51 – Playa Esmeralda’s Beautiful Ocean Beach, Eastern Cuba

Cuba, Holguin, Carretera Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda Beautiful Ocean Beach

Cuban Beautiful Ocean Beach

Eastern Cuba Ocean Beach Image: Cuba is renowned for its beautiful beaches. This image shows the Playa Esmeralda Ocean Beach in eastern Cuba. Again, the water and scenery is astounding. Footprints are evident in the sand; people are walking on the beach; there are thatched roof covered areas and the intense blue of the sky is marked by shadows and fluffy white clouds.

Photo #52 – Cuba, Holguin, Guardalavaca Beautiful sunset with a calm ocean and relaxing tourists

Cuba, Holguin Carretera Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda Beautiful Evening Ocean View

Holguin Carretera Guardalavaca’s Beautiful Sunset

Cuban Holguin beach photo: The sun is setting at the end of a calm day. The beautiful sunset and calm ocean is the perfect spot to relax and to enjoy nature at its best. People are walking along the beach; the dark silhouettes of trees and foliage on each side are shown in sharp clarity. This image was taken in Guardalavaca, Holguin, Cuba and is a popular spot for tourists to visit.

Photo #53 – Cuban nature: palm branch

Beautiful Cuban Nature, Palm branch

Palms, clear blue water and always sunny weather are waiting tourists all year long at Cuba

Cuban nature photo: This is a REAL photograph even though it looks too good to be true! The perfect outline of the palm fronds against the background of crystal clear warm water and sunny sky has to be seen in real life to fully enjoy it. Typical of beaches in Cuba – it is sunny and warm all year round – winter does not exist.

Photo #54 – Cuban Sightseeing: Palacio de Valle, Cienfuegos, Central Cuba.

Central Cuba. Cienfuegos, Palacio de Valle

Palacio de Valle which Batista turned into casino, now is famous Cuban restaurant

Cienfuegos Palacio de Valle image: This beautiful image is of the Palacio de Valle in Cienfuegos on the southern coast of Cuba. Known as ìLa Perla Del Surî (Pearl of the South), the Palacio de Valle had formerly been a casino under the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista before he was overthrown in the Cuban Revolution. It is now one of the most famous restaurants in Cuba.

Photo #55 – Must See Cienfuegos places: Museo Provincial, Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion.

Cuba The Centre of Cienfuegos Museo Provincial, Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion, Walking Cubanos

Citizens of Cienfuegos enjoy the beautiful, calm, and lovely evening

Cienfuegos Picture: This incredible image shows citizens of Cienfuegos relaxing in calm, balmy and warm evening. Typical of streets in parts of Cuba – this is an area that has retained an old world charm. Shown in the picture is the ìCatedral de la Purisima Concepcionî – a famed cathedral in Cienfuegos, that is a must see for any tourists.

Photo #56 – Cuban animals and creatures: Green Lizard

Green Lizard sitting on yellow wall and watching on a green branch, Cuba

Green lizard and green branch

Green Lizard photo: This stark image shows a green branch and a similarly colored lizard nearby. Lizards enjoy the warm climate and are often seen basking in the sun in country areas. An interesting image that causes a second look to determine that it is not just two leafy green branches on a rock!

Photo #57 – Stormy sky & dramatic sunset painted red cuban National landmark – Capitol

Cuba, Havana Vieja, National landmark, Capitol in front of a stormy red sky during sunset

Popular Cuban attractions: Capitol located in the central part of Havana Vieja

Cuban Capitol Image: This is a dramatic image of a scarlet red sunset that colors the entire area of Havana Vieja in Cuba. As many of the buildings are white, they take on this eerie hue readily – especially on stormy evenings such as this one. For a breathtaking range of evening colors and intriguing skies, the Caribbean never fails to impress!

Photo #58 – Cuba, Central part of Havana, Picture of old Russian car Moskvich

Old Russian Car Moskvich driving near Los Parados Cafe, Havana, Cuba

Havanna, Old Russian Car Moskvich driving near Los Parados Cafe

Old Havana Image: In the central area of Havana, this old Russian Moskvich car driving by doesn’t turn any heads! Incredibly – as with most of the old cars in Cuba – it still goes. In the background are buildings with the Spanish colonial touch to them, including the Los Parados CafÈ on the corner. Laundry hangs on the second floor to dry and the glare of the warm sun is strong in the square.

Photo #59 – Run-Down buildings and Dilapidated houses of Old Havana

Capital Cities, Kuba, Old Habana, Run-Down building

Cuba, Habana, the worse for wear houses

Old Habana Run-Down buildings photo: Worn and dilapidated buildings such as these are common in Old Havana, Cuba. The beautiful architecture is still there and one could only imagine how fantastic it would look if restored to its former glory. The harsh sun has taken its toll on the paintwork over the years, but new paints are a lot more weather resistant and could work wonders. Residents are unfazed by it – so why worry?

Photo #60 – Man in blue cuban shirt sitting in the Havana central park

Cuban Man wearing blue cuban shirt is sitting in the park of Havana

In Havana central park Cubanos can relax under shade of old trees during hot summer days

Havana central park photo: The Central Park in Havana is a popular spot to relax in the shade on warm summer days for many Cubanos. Here is an old man in a bright Cuban shirt relaxing amidst the architecture around him. The pillars of the buildings behind stand out sharply, while the detail on the walls and the plant urn are amazing reminders of the long history of Cuba.

Photo #61 – Cuban Holiday, Two men cooking a meal in the street of Old Havana

Cuba, Havana, Holiday, Two men cooking a meal in the street of Old Havana

Two men cooking a meal in the street of Old Havana, Cuba

Cuban National Holiday Photo: This image shows two men cooking a meal in the street of Old Havana on a Cuban holiday. The architecture of the buildings is again strong in its Spanish influence; the buildings are run down and the main bright spots in the picture are the pennants festooned above the road between the buildings – proudly carrying the image of the flag of Cuba.

Photo #62 – 5 stars Hotel Nacional viewed from the three stars hotel Deauville, Old Havana

The Hotel Nacional viewed from the three stars hotel Deauville

Magnificent view from the three stars hotel Deauville located in La Habana Vieja

Cuban Hotel Nacional Picture: This magnificent view along the famous Malecon is taken from the 3 star Deauville Hotel in Old Havana along the waterfront and seawall. The 5 star Hotel Nacional is clearly shown in the distance beyond the beautiful shimmering water of Cuba. A famous tourist spot – the Malecon is very enjoyable all year round.

Photo #63 – The Center of Havana – Luxury Cuban boutique Fornos

Luxury Cuban boutique Fornos and lonely poor man sitting near a broken-down house

Luxury boutique Fornos in Old Havana!

Havana Down-town image: Standing out from the buildings around, this image gives an idea of how beautiful Old Havana could become! This is the luxury boutique Fornos – a clean and neat touch in the city. The old world charm of Cuba is unique and enjoyed by many, so to attempt to repaint all of the buildings could be met with opposition! After all – this is Old Havana!

Photo #64 – Street graffiti painted on ruined house in Old Habana

Cuba, Old Havana, Street graffiti painted on ruined house

Beautiful Street graffiti painted on crumbling house, Old Havana Cuba

Old Habana Street photo: This is a very intriguing image of a run down, crumbling house in Old Havana that has had a bright touch added to it by means of detailed graffiti. Unlike the graffiti of most western cities, this shows a very well thought out and artistic touch. In spite of the old door and worn building – these silhouettes show animals against what looks to be a beautiful sunset in Cuba!

Photo #65 – Graffiti on Havana’s street wall No a ALCA (Stop drinking!)

Kuba, Old Havana Street View, - graffiti No a ALCA (Stop drinking)

Stop drinking! No a ALCA! – Popular Havana’s graffiti

Havanna street wall foto: Another example of the unique graffiti in Cuba! ìNo a ALCAî (Stop Drinking!) The detail of this is very interesting. It shows a man obviously caught by the chains of drink and looking morose. The wall itself is very worse for wear and it makes you wonder at the effort that has been put in to the graffiti itself. It would have been quicker to paint the wall itself – but not in Havana!

Photo #66 – The massage room with ocean view, Playa Esmeralda, Holguin Cuba

Atlantic Islands, Cuba, Holguin Carretera Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda massage room on open air

Massage room with Ocean view, Carretera Guardalavaca, Cuba

Playa Esmeralda Photo, Holguin Cuba: This glorious photo shows the massage room with a beautiful ocean view at Playa Esmeralda, Holguin, Cuba. This alone has tourists enthralled – the perfect way to relax. What more could anyone want? Warm air, warm water, beautiful views and a massage as well! This is a must for any tourist to indulge in.

Photo #67 – Cayo Saetia beach with a white sand and blue water

Cayo Saetia beach with white sand and blue water, Cuba, Greater Antilles

Eastern Cuba Cayo Saetia, Holguin

Cayo Saetia beach image: Here is yet another sublime image of the beauty of the beaches of Cuba. This image was taken in eastern Cuba – Cayo Saetia, Holguin. This is a very common sight – of a glorious beach with white sand and crystal clear blue water. The trees tumble down to the water, ending on a calm vista of sand.

Photo #68 – Tropical Garden viewed from the Sol Club Rio de Luna 4 star hotel

 Cuba, Holguin Carretera Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda Tropical Garden viewed from the Sol Club Rio de Luna 4 star hotel

Cuba, Holguin Carretera Guardalavaca, View from a 4 star hotel Sol Club Rio de Luna

Sol Club Rio de Luna 4 star hotel photo: This view is across tropical gardens taken from the 4 star hotel Sol Club de Luna, Holguin Carretera Guardalavaca in Cuba. As usual, the scenery is breathtaking – clear blue skies, lush foliage, unique architecture and warm climate. This is a fantastic retreat for tourists requiring peace and quiet.

Photo #69– Cuba Paradise – Beautiful Cayo Largo Island, Best Travel Destination

Loving couple walking along tropical Caribbean beach, Cayo Largo, Cuba

Best Travel Destinations: Beautiful Cayo Largo Island, Cuba

Cayo Largo Island is a beautiful retreat in Cuba. Here a couple has the beach to themselves; waves crashing on the beach, the evening air warm and mild. The renowned pristine water of the Caribbean is evident in this picture. These areas have not been affected by development of hotels or resorts and can still be enjoyed in all their natural glory.

Photo #70 – Cayo Largo del Sur, Honeymoon couple on the beach

Honeymoon couple on the beach with white, cold and fine sand, Cuba

Cuba, Cayo Largo del Sur, Honeymoon couple enjoying the beautiful beach with white, cold and fine sand

Cayo Largo del Sur foto: This beautiful image portrays a honeymoon couple enjoying the solitude and beauty of Cayo Largo del Sur at sunset. The sand is white and fine; the water is beautiful and clear. The silhouettes of the couple are sharp – a precious moment in time. This is a very popular destination for honeymoon couples to visit when in Cuba.

Photo #71 – Cuba, Playa Esmeralda, Beautiful Sunset

Cuba Beach Photography Beautiful Sunset Carretera Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda,

Images from the island of Cuba for july 2011 cool sunset

Cuban Beautiful Sunset Image: This incredible image of a sunset in Playa Esmeralda, Cuba, is absolutely breathtaking. The shadows of the impending night are on the left of the picture. This was taken in July 2011 and shows a cool evening with the beautiful colors in the evening sky highlighting the streaks of cloud in the sky. The water is fresh and cool – another glorious day will arrive tomorrow.

Photo #72 – Beautiful Cuban Nature with Deep Blue Ocean, Blue Sky and White Clouds

Cuban Nature Deep Blue Ocean, Blue Sky and White Clouds

Deep Blue Ocean, Blue Sky and White Clouds are part of a Beautiful Cuban Nature

Here we have the deep blue of the ocean heading right across to the horizon where fluffy white clouds rise up into the air. The clouds closer to the viewer highlight the glorious intensity of the equally blue sky – shot through with dark patches between the clouds. Cuba has some of the most attractive images of nature at its best of anywhere in the world.

Photo #73 – Waves crash against the seawall of Malecon, Havana, Cuba Isle

Cuba Isle, Havana, Waves crash against the seawall of Malecon

Waves crash against the seawall of Malecon, La Habana Cuba

Havana’s Malecon photo: This image gives us another view of the Malecon taken toward the historic Del Morro Fortification. Waves crash against the seawall, sending spray up and over to land on the wide pathway. Two intrepid young men are enjoying the warmth and beautiful blue sky – the type of day that is so common to Havana, Cuba.

Photo #74 – Man is playing with a dog near stormy ocean, Havana

Modern Cuba, Havana, Malecon, Man is standing with a dog near stormy sea

Cuba, Havana, Malecon, Cuban man is playing with a dog

Cuban stormy ocean picture: The bond between this Cuban man and his dog is highlighted by the waves crashing against the seawall of the Malecon, Havana. The ocean is turbulent, yet a beautiful blue; the buildings in the background are highlighted against the equally stark whitish blue sky. The Malecon in Cuba is a favorite of the locals and well worth a visit.

Photo #75 – Habana Vieja, Glass tables of Havana’s Street Cafe reflecting a cathedral walls

Glass tables of Havana's Street Cafe are reflecting cathedral walls

Glass tables of Havana’s Street Cafe are reflecting cathedral walls, Habana Vieja

Habana Vieja Foto: The unique and beautiful architecture of Habana Vieja is shown reflected on these glass table tops of a street cafÈ in Havana, Cuba. The building is a cathedral and is kept maintained in pristine condition – a stark contrast to other buildings in Havana! The detail of the stonework is remarkable – Spanish colonial – and the glass table serves to highlight this intriguing scene.

Photo #76 – Cuban Family relaxing on Malecon

Cuba, Havana, Wife, Husband and Pretty young cuban girl near Malecon

Havana, beautiful summer evening, Cuban family relaxing near ocean

Cuban Family Portrait: Another beautiful summer evening in Havana, Cuba, and where better to relax with your family than on the Malecon? Looking happy and relaxed after a refreshing swim, this family shows the optimism of the Cuban people and their enjoyment at simple pleasures in life. Others relax along the top of the seawall – enjoying the warm air and the ocean view.

Photo #77 – Beautiful Cuban Sexy girl

Cuba, La Habana, Malecon street, Pretty & Sexy Cuban Girl

Cuba, Havana Sexy Girls

Havana, Sexy girl Image: This image of a beautiful young Cuban girl in the bloom of youth stands out amidst the surrounding beauty of the Malecon. With a brilliant white smile – the happiness of the people of Cuba is evident. The Hispanic heritage of the island has always produced stunning beauties – perfectly developed and mystic. Behind her, others look on curiously and the Del Morro Fort can be seen in the distance.

Photo #78 – Guardalavaca, Eastern Cuba’s Varadero

Lovely clear turquoise sea at Guardalavaca, Eastern Cuba's Varadero

Guardalavaca beaches – so called Eastern Cuba’s Varadero

Eastern Cuba Varadero photo: This image taken in Eastern Cuba shows yet another beautiful beach with crystal clear water, blue sky and unique shades of color. This is in Guardalavaca – the beaches are known as Cubaís Varadero. The sand merges seamlessly with the calm water – this same water can turn lethal during hurricanes that are common in the region.

Photo #79 – Clear blue water of Atlantic Ocean near Guardalavaca, Eastern Cuba

Clear blue water of Atlantic Ocean near Guardalavaca Eastern Cuba

Guardalavaca’s Clear blue water of Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean Image: This stunning picture is typical of the beauty of the water in Cuba. Taken at Guardalavaca, eastern Cuba; the water is lighter blue in the shallows deepening to an intense blue in the deeper areas. Reflecting the beautiful blue sky, the water of the Atlantic Ocean in the Caribbean has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Truly a paradise on earth!

Photo #80 – Beautiful Tropical sunset, Cuba

Beautiful Beach Photos of Cuba Beautiful Tropical sunset

Beautiful Tropical sunset Cuba, Guardalavaca

Stunning Tropical sunset during a rainy season in Cuba: Here is yet another glorious tropical sunset at Guardalavaca, Cuba. As the sun begins its descent amongst the clouds, the golden glow of the sky and clouds create a reflection in the water; highlighting the shadowy figures of people enjoying the crystal clear warm water. Winter does not exist in this unspoiled part of the world!

Photo #81 – Beautiful Caribbean Sea, Cuba

Travel Cuba to enjoy turquoise waters of Caribbean Sea

Beautiful Caribbean Sea Images

Caribbean Sea Photo: Again we have an absolutely surreal effect of the lovely Caribbean sea of Cuba. A lone sail or two are evident in the distance against the beautiful backdrop of clear sky. A few wisps of clouds are seen – only serving to highlight the intensity of the clarity of the colors in the image. Sea that you can look straight through to the sand – turning darker as the water deepens.

Photo #82 – Cuba, Tropical Beach Summer Sunset

Sunset Photography, Cuba, Tropical beach during summer sunset

Sunset Pictures Cuban beach

Cuban Tropical Beach photo: This is another incredible image of the tropical sunset taken from a beach in Cuba. The water is gently lapping, there are clouds on the horizon and as the orb of the sun sinks, it appears to be drawing the clouds in the sky along with it. The fascinating variety of sunsets is evident in studying various photographs – no two evenings are quite the same!

Photo #83 – Cuba, Playa Esmeralda, Decorated pergola near 5 star luxury hotel

Cuba, Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda, Decorated pergola near 5 star luxury hotel

Beautiful Cuba Photos and pictures – luxury hotel’s pergola

Cuban luxury hotel photo: This beautiful shot is taken from a decorated pergola near a luxury 5 star hotel at Playa Esmeralda, Cuba. The serenity in this remarkable picture is evident – beautiful blue ocean view contrasted by the white posts and curtains of the pergola. The red roses are a bright spot in an incredible picture; with the ocean merging into the horizon of bright sunlight.

Photo #84 – Sea pergola decorated with red roses

White pergola decorated with red roses, Cuba, Playa Esmeralda

Top Cuban Images – White pergola decorated with red roses

Here we have another incredible picture of a white decorated pergola at Playa Esmeralda, Cuba. This view shows a lush green promontory into the crystal blue ocean. The stark white light of the sunlight shines through the curtain and the red roses are a beautiful bright spot on the top of the pergola railing.

Photo #85 – Cuba, Habana Vieja, Malecon Boys and men dive in the ocean

Cuba, Habana Vieja, Malecon Boys and men swim and dive in the ocean beside Havana's waterfront, during sunday afternoon

Boys and men swim and dive in the ocean beside Havana’s waterfront

Cuban Habana Vieja Image: This image gives us a group of young boys and men swimming in the beautiful warm water adjacent to the Malecon in Havana. Diving and swimming in the crystal clear water is a favorite pastime in Cuba as a way to combat the heat. This spot is a particular favorite with tourists with its beautiful views of the harbor and buildings in Old Havana.

Photo #86 – Cuba, Cayo Largo Island, Caribbean Sea storm

Cuba. Cayo Largo Island, Boy swimming in High sea waves during storm at Caribbean Sea

Beautiful Cayo Largo Pictures – sea waves during storm at Caribbean Sea

These waves created by a Caribbean Sea storm are being enjoyed by people making the most of the waves in Cuba. With the water usually a calm swell, storms will whip the sky and sea up into frenzy. The green of the ocean and the grey of the lowering clouds is a good indication that a storm is brewing – a common sight in these waters.

Photo #87 – Cuba, Pretty woman enjoying white waves of a Caribbean sea

Cuba, Sea Photography, Stormy Day, Pretty woman enjoying white waves of a Caribbean sea

Cuba, Sea images – Stormy Day at Cayo Largo Island

Caribbean sea image: Here we have an image of a beautiful woman enjoying the white crashing waves of the Caribbean Sea on a stormy day at Cayo Largo Island, Cuba. There is a green promontory in the background and the sky is beginning to darken – a predecessor of yet another storm on its way.

Photo #88 – Havana, Vedado, El Malecon de Havana, Two Girls relaxing and seducing foreign men

Cuba, Havana, Vedado, El Malecon de Havana, Two Girls relaxing and seducing foreign men

Cuban Pics – Sexy Cuban Girls seducing foreigners, Vedado, Havana

Cuba El Malecon de Havana Foto: The famous Malecon in Havana, Cuba is a tourist haven. Along with the beautiful views, here are two Cuban girls at Vedado – relaxing and seeking to seduce rich foreigners. The water is crashing against the seawall, the El Morro Fort is visible in the background and the girls are showing off their best assets to passerby!

Photo #89 – The ghost of Old Havana

Cuba, Havana photo, The Gost of Old Town

Famous old Havana Images – reflection of tumbledown houses of Havana city

Old Havana Beautiful Image: This is a remarkable image taken from a balcony with glass paneling. The image shows a view of the Malecon and the beautiful water of the harbor; whilst the ghostly reflection gives an eerie reminder of days past in old Havana, Cuba. Houses are crumbling and worse for wear. The harbor-at natures finest, remains beautiful in spite of all around.

Photo #90 – Beautiful Cuban Family portrait

Havana Family portrait: woman, girl and little smiling cuban boy

Portrait of Cuban family taken on street of old Habana

Cuban Family Image: This wonderful family portrait taken in Old Havana, Cuba gives a great sense of the friendliness of Cubans. The mother looks cheerily from the window, the young girl looks on with interest and the little boy smiles cheerily at the camera. Dressed to accommodate the warmth, families such as this one live in run down houses such as this one and want for nothing more

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