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  1. Introduction to Canon 24-105mm f4 Lens
  2. Pros of Canon 24-105mm Lens
  3. Cons of Canon 24-105mm
  4. The Canon EF 24-105mm Accessories
  5. Canon 24-105mm Macro Photography
  6. Footage With The Canon 24-105
  7. Photos taken with Canon 24-105 f4 Lens
  8. Canon 24-105 Lens Hood
  9. Canon 24-105 Price
  10. Used & Refurbished Canon 24-105 Lenses
  11. Canon 24-105mm For Sale
  12. Bottom Line
  13. Special Offer

Introduction to Canon 24-105mm f4 Lens

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About 3 months ago, I decided to upgrade my camera lenses. For about a decade now, I’ve been using Canon SLR cameras exclusively, but never really took the plunge into their L-Series of lenses. It was after a friend of mine got a set of photos shown in a gallery, that I decided to ask him what types of lenses he uses.

Canon 24-105 Lens

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He came over and brought a few of his lenses for me to try out. I was really impressed with the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens – so much so that I ordered one the very next day.

The Canon 24-105mm Lens come from the L-series – which is Canon’s Luxury Line – and it lives up to that description in every sense of the word. At its core, the Canon 24-105mm Lens is the best zoom lens you can find.

However, Canon engineers have incorporated so many features that, unless you are actively trying to take a bad shot, the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L delivers ultra sharp imaging again and again.

Part of the reason for this is the image stabilizer and gyro sensors, which detect vibrations and minuscule movements, and then compensate for them while reducing image blur so you get the clearest, most vivid images imaginable.

Before I go on, I have to stop and tell you that the Canon 24-105mm almost never got purchased. My friend also brought over his 24-70mm Canon Lens, and I was debating all night which one I liked better.

The Canon 24-70mm was also from the L-Series, so there was no doubt it was nothing short of the best in its range, and the 24-70mm had a ton of built-in features that delivered incredible shots. Ultimately, the Canon 24-105mm won out because the extra reach in the zoom capabilities went a long way for me.

Anyway, The Canon 24-105mm is perhaps the most versatile of lenses (as it should be!), working with almost any Canon SLR. I personally use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and the 24-105mm Lens works perfectly with it.

I do mostly nature photography and the occasional sports shots (I’m in Saratoga, NY so I’m always photographing the horses in action). Those long-range photos taken from the stands, or of the sunset over the lakes has never looked better! The Canon 24-105mm gives me the best pictures, and I have to quietly thank the lens when my friends compliment me on my talent for photography.

On the other end of the spectrum, my friend with the gallery deals and artistic eye for perfect composition uses a Canon EOS 7D with his 24-105mm Lens (read 329 customer reviews), and the results are nothing short of stunning.

He mostly uses the 24-105mm for landscape photography, but his son races cars, so I can usually catch him on weekends out by the track, taking some of the best action shots I’ve ever seen.

The Canon 24-105 4L really lets you take your photography to new heights. If it were any other company, I would say you were crazy for spending that much on a lens, but the Canon 24-105 f4 price now seems like almost a steal for how it’s let me expand my portfolio.

For kicks, I tried out the Canon 24-105 with a few other cameras, just to see if the lens gave a consistent performance or if it depended on the camera.

The Canon 60d with 24-105mm (read 314 customer reviews) gave amazing results, as did the 50d with the 24-105mm lens.

My wife uses a 550d camera, and the Canon 550d with 24-105mm (read 566 customer reviews) still turned out some of the best pictures I’d seen from that thing. Perhaps there was something to the consistency of the Canon 24-105 L Lens theory, after all.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to the Canon EF 24-105mm Lens, but since the latter list is so much shorter than the former, I’ll give you the good news first.

Pros of Canon 24-105mm Lens

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The Canon 24-105mm f/4 L is superbly designed, and it’s built to withstand impacts. Not that I go around testing the endurance of my equipment, but the casing of the 24-105mm from Canon does have some heft to it, but not enough to throw off the balance of the camera.

The Canon 24-105mm is weather sealed – which is great for me, as I live in an area frequented by rain and snow, which can ruin other lenses. As far as actually taking pictures, the EF 14-105mm takes full advantage of the Ring USM (ultrasonic motor) to deliver a super fast autofocus, which brings your subject matter into the clearest view for accurate imaging.

The USM is extremely quiet, which means I won’t scare away any of the wildlife when getting those perfect nature shots. I should tell you that the Canon 24-105 does not rotate or extend when focusing, which makes using polarizing filters a lot easier.

As far as the lens quality itself, the EF 24-105 has virtually no distortion at the edges of the view, and has given me excellent results at long distances – even for action shots.

Cons of Canon 24-105mm

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The Canon EF 24-105 is built like a tank (as mentioned above), which means it’s extremely sturdy and durable, but might also make hauling it along with all of your other equipment a bit more cumbersome. (On the plus side, if you buy the 24-105mm lens, you probably won’t need much in the way of other accessories for your shooting sessions.)

There also seems to be a flare problem in bright settings which can damage the Canon 24-105, but Canon has posted statements about this and has offered to repair any lenses that suffer damage from this. (By the same token, I didn’t buy th 24-105 4L to take pictures of the sun, and nor should you.)

Initially, I was going to put the price of the EF 24-105 on this list, but I was able to find some great deals, and once you actually experience the results of the Canon 24-105mm, you will see that it’s well worth the money.

The Canon EF 24-105mm Accessories

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Canon 77mm UV Filter

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It wasn’t long after I bought the 24-105mm that I started looking into accessories, and playing with its capabilities outside of long range photography.

The Canon 24-105mm uses 77mm filters, so it was easy to find UV filters and other lighting-specific filters to get the brightest and most vivid pictures possible, while also protecting the special lens coating on the EF 24-105.

Canon 24-105mm Macro Photography

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A few weeks ago, I got a little curious and decided to change things up with my Canon 24-105mm L. Instead of using the 24-105mm for long distance pictures, I decided to test its minimum focusing distance (1.48 feet) on some plants in the back yard, as well as some of my wife’s miniatures to see how the Canon 24-105mm f/4 works at macro photography.

I was floored by the intricate details that the 24-105mm brought out. The striations in leaves, the brushwork and imperfections in my wife’s porcelain miniatures, even the individual fibers in the carpeting in my living room. I learned two things that day.

One, I really need to buy a steamer to clean the floors of my house. Two, the Canon EF 24-105mm is extremely powerful and brings out every detail in beautiful full-color images when using a macro setting.

Just like with loon distance shots, the Image Sensors on the Canon 24-105 adjusted for the slightest movements in my macro shots so that everything came out crystal clear.

Footage With The Canon 24-105

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I rarely use my Canon SLR to take video clips. I just always got more out of still photography than movies. However, this past winter, I was making coffee in the kitchen, and outside I saw a small family of deer walking through the snow. I took my camera and quietly went outside to see if I could get them on video.

I went a little crazy zooming in and out, but the entire time, those deer stayed in focus as if I were right next to them. Later on, I hooked up the camera to the television to play back the video for my wife. She humored me because its a rare occasion when you don’t see deer in these parts, but I noticed a few things. The Canon 24-105 not only gave me excellent results, and I felt like I was watching the deer in person, even thought it was a video clip – but the USM was silent.

I could hear the wind, and the occasional bird, but the motor in the lens itself made absolutely no noise as I was zooming in and out.

Since then, I’ve experimented with recording footage with the Canon 24-105mm, and I am impressed each and every time with the clarity, and how the lens never loses track of the subject matter so it always stays in perfect focus.

Full HD Video taken with Canon 5D DSLR and Canon 24-105mm L lens

Photos taken with Canon 24-105 f4 Lens

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Image taken with Canon 7D & Canon 24-105 f4 L IS USM Lens

“Saline di Marsala al tramonto”

Sunset Canon EOS 7D 24-105 lens

Beautiful Sunset shot with Canon 24-105 lens and Canon 7D

Courtesy to Flickr

Canon 24-105 Lens Hood

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Canon 24-105 Lens Hood

Lens Hood for Canon 24-105mm f4 zoom lens - CLICK to buy

Earlier, I briefly mentioned how Canon notified people that flare can severely damage the 24-105mm Lens. This isn’t just with the EF 24-105 – flare can damage any lens, if you don’t take precautions.

The best thing you can do is spend the extra money to invest in a Canon 24-105 Lens Hood. A lens hood will protect the Canon 24-105mm from flares, intense light, dust, and scratches.

I went for the basic black platinum lens hood, but if you look around, you can turn up some pretty fancy (and extremely functional) designs in all sorts of colors and patterns for your Canon 24-105MM 4L.

Canon 24-105 Price

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The fist thing you probably notice about the Canon 24-105mm EF Lens is that it comes from the L-series. That “L” stands for luxury, so you’re going to want to invest in this if you are serious about your photography.

Now, before I ordered my 24-105, I shopped around. Some places will make you take out a loan to get one of these top shelf Canon Lenses, but with a little hunting, you can snag yourself a brand new Canon 24-104 f4L for a bargain price.

Here are a few places to look:

Amazon – Amazon has a number of sellers with varying Canon 24-105 prices, ranging from as low as $300 all the way up to $1300 and beyond. If you are looking to buy a Canon 24-105 from Amazon, your best bet is to go through one of the specialists, who deal specifically with Canon equipment, and who have great customer reviews. Many times, these Amazon sellers are partnered with Cannon, so they can offer great deals on the 24-105mm lenses.

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Ebay – I’ve heard a lot of good things from ebay buyers who have purchased a number of different things. However, I cannot stress this enough – if you are trying to get a discount on a Canon EF 24-105mm Lens, DO YOUR RESEARCH. You may be able to find a used or refurbished 24-105mm, or even a brand new Canon 24-105 on ebay, but look at the seller’s reviews and ratings. You want to make sure you are getting a Genuine Canon Lens for your money. If you see a listing for a 24-105mm, one of the best things you can do is open the lines of communication with the seller, and ask some questions. It could mean the difference between getting an excellent piece of Canon equipment and throwing away your hard-earned money.

This is actually where I ended up ordering my Canon 24-105mm Lens. These guys know cameras and have in-depth reviews and spec sheets for all Canon products – from straps, to accessories, to high end SLR cameras, and even the coveted Canon L-Series. When came on the scene, I was very happy, and they’ve never led me astray.

When I’m looking for a new Canon product, BHPhotoVideo has the best reviews and biggest catalog I’ve ever seen. I ordered my Canon F 24-105mm Lens from BHPhotoVideo because I liked the price, and they are a site I trust.

Used & Refurbished Canon 24-105 Lenses

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A Few Words About Used/Refurbished Canon 24-105 Lenses
You can get a Canon 24-105mm Lens used or refurbished for a very good price. Be warned though – you may end up with nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

If you don’t want to pay full price for a brand new lens, if you do a little research, you can buy a used Canon 24-105mm at a very low price, from a reputable reseller. In fact, you can even find refurbished Canon 24-105 L Lenses from highly qualified and trusted stores online. Just be careful.

Canon 24-105mm For Sale

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You can find some incredible deals on Amazon for the Canon 24-105mm. Either by itself or as part of a bundle (I recently saw a Canon EOS 7D with a Canon 24-105mm included as a SLR kit), you can find some really steep discounts on Canon 24-105mm f4L lenses on Amazon if you do a little digging.

There are sellers on Amazon who are also huge photography enthusiasts, and they know the best way to get people hooked on Canon SLR Cameras and accessories is to have big sales on items like the 25-105mm.

Canon 24-105 Lens sale

Bottom Line

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If I could buy everyone I know a Canon 24-105mm f4, I would. It’s that great. For action shots, still scenery, long distance, and even macro photography, the Canon 24-105mm is the best and most versatile lens I have ever used.

Whether you are a top tier professional, or you are simply passionate about photography, the Canon EF 24-105mm Lens is the best accessory you can buy, and is easily worth the money for the best imagery you can experience.

The 24-105mm f4L is an example of the best Canon engineering. If you are interested in getting a 24-105 from Canon, do a little hunting around online – you can get some incredible deals.

If you want to take your photography to the highest level, then the Canon EF 24-105mm Lens is the best choice for you.

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Special Offer

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